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Al-Falah Mosque


Mosque Gallery


Masjid Al-Falah is the only mosque in Orchard Road, Singapore, and attracts both Islamic congregants and non-Muslim visitors. 

In this vein, when the mosque completed its renovation works, they wanted several gallery panels both outside and inside the mosque to provide insightful, inspirational and inclusive content on the mosque, the prominent leaders who practised it, and what it means to be Muslim. 

This is what we created. 

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Mosque Facade
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Mosque Lobby

Sowing the Roots of a Sanctuary 

The inception of Masjid Al-Falah began in 1986 when it first received its name from Haji Ismail Mohd Said, the President of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS).


The name itself, Al-Falah, draws connotations from the phrase Hayya Alal-Falah, which translates to “Come to Success” in Arabic and is heard twice in the Azan, or call to prayer.

Paving the Way for Development 

After two decades since its opening, the mosque began renovating its interiors and façades in phases, from reconstructing the prayer hall, to installing glass panels and walls to allow more natural light into the mosque. 

Over the years, the mosque acquired awards and accreditations that recognise its continual contributions to the spiritual and social wellbeing of its community. 

Poised for the Changes of the Future

Today, Masjid Al-Falah functions under the administration of MUIS, and has carved a niche for itself as an Islamic Learning and Information Centre in the English language. 


Pioneers of Innovation

Throughout the ages, Muslim scholars have contributed significantly to a host of fields that paved the foundations of many modern concepts today.


Through their works, both Islamic and non-Muslim lands flourished with the influx of innovative ideas that improved societies, advanced technology and deepened

cultural understanding.

Gallery Panels
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