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Funan CapitaLand Mall

Digital Campaign:

Facebook & Instagram Engagement


The Work
The Results

How do you shape a brand and influence the target market of a mall that isn't open yet?

In one and a half years, we mapped out a multi-pronged strategy that included collaborating with influencers, optimising media buys, covering the mall's pop-up events and creating and curating on-brand content for Funan CapitaLand Mall's Instagram and Facebook prior to their big opening.

In 1.5 years, both Facebook and Instagram fanbases grew 6 fold from 3,000 to over 18,000 followers, hitting the FY's KPI

Eager and curious fans got in touch via FB & IG expressing excitement and with queries about the mall's opening, effectively reflecting Funan’s strong brand presence.

Facebook Engagement

We created Facebook posts that went out at least six times a week publicising various content pieces including mall updates, giveaways, and original and curated content.

Screenshot 2019-07-28 at 5.44.43 PM.png
Screenshot 2019-07-28 at 7.31.20 PM.png
Instagram Engagement

Similarly, we created and curated material for Funan's Instagram profile, with content going up six times a week, covering the streets and keeping audiences posted on the coolest thing on the block.

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