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Ministry of Communications & Information

Adapt & Grow Campaign:

TV, Print, Social Media, Radio, Out of Home 


The Brief
The Idea

With the rapid development of technology, job roles will inevitably change. 

We then face the challenge of a workforce who may not have the necessary skill sets to meet the challenges of the world. 


In conjunction with the host of SkillsFuture initiatives launched by the Singapore government, we needed to uplift and inspire the community to upgrade themselves so that they may stay relevant and future-ready as they navigate a world of perpetual change and uncertainty. 

Courage emboldens us to dream big, aim high and push boundaries. Courage can fuel dreams, while giving people the strength to persevere through difficult times. 


To resonate with the heart of the community, we leveraged on this very value and told human stories in dual languages—English and Malay—to inspire the Malay-Muslim community to adapt and grow in a nation-wide campaign. 


We produced a series of TVCs to inspire audiences to pave their own paths with courage and determination.

Newspaper Ads

We interviewed and illustrated the stories of real people in the community to exemplify the possibility and power of change.

MCI Adapt n Grow SMRT Platorm Screen Doo

Courage to me is believing in myself, even when the odds are stacked against me.

Even though I dropped out of school twice, I've always believed in seeking opportunities. At 26, I set up a company. Despite many setbacks, I never gave up. I worked hard and kept moving forward. Today, I manage a company with over 200 employees, providing logistics solutions to customers all over the world.

Syafiq Yusoff, Founder

Riverwood Integrated Logistics Solution

MCI Adapt n Grow SMRT Platorm Screen Doo

Courage to me is switching industries to pursue

my passion.

From a preschool teacher to a flight stewardess, and back again to teaching, I switched industries to find my calling and realise my dreams. Today, I'm a deputy centre lead of a preschool, enriching the hearts and minds if children from a young age.

Nuraslinda Safaruan, Deputy Centre Lead

My First Skool

MCI Adapt n Grow SMRT Platorm Screen Doo

Courage to me is continually upgrading myself to stay relevant despite being retrenched three times.

Each time I was laid off, I was devastated. But I didn't let that stop me. In fact, it only propelled me to take up courses that helped me adapt to new roles in the IT industry. Today, I'm an IT security consultant, helping to build a cuber safe culture in my company.

Kamarudin Osman, IT Security Consultant


Social Media

On top of adapted collaterals, we partnered with influencers within the community to tell their own stories of courage in the face of adversity, and these ran on both Facebook and Instagram.

Screen shot 2018-02-24 at PM
Out of Home

A series of ads prompting audiences to think about their futures were also strategically placed in areas frequented by the community including train stations, bus stops and coffee shops.

Screen shot 2018-02-24 at PM
MCI Adapt n Grow SMRT Platorm Screen Doo
Screen shot 2018-02-24 at PM

This table is reserved for those with the appetite to do more in their lives.

The world we live in changes every day with technology. When that happens, so does our role in the workplace.

Be courageous. Embrace change. Stay relevant.

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