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National Council of Social Service

Digital Campaign:

Facebook & Web Articles


The Work
The Results

To meet the demographic needs of Singapore, the social service sector is set to grow in the next decade, and NCSS had dual goals: to elevate the status of social service work while inspiring changemakers to pursue a career

in the sector.


To this end, we proposed a two-year campaign comprising Facebook engagement and profile articles that sought to instil pride in sector professionals, educate the public about social service, and support talent recruitment and retention for the sector.

Facebook (FB) fanbase grew 5 fold from 3,000 to 15,000 followers, surpassing FY2019's KPI

Unique FB page reach nearly doubled from 500k to 900k

Engaged FB users increased 10 fold from 3,000 to 32,000

Our best performing FB post ranked 39%, 38.9% better than industry average (0.13%)

Facebook Engagement

We created Facebook posts and banner ads that went out at least three times a week disseminating various content pieces including myth busters, industry news and successes, and roles available in the sector.

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Profile Articles

To shed light on the social service sector, I interviewed and wrote bimonthly profile stories of social service professionals and how they made an impact through their roles in society.

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